Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I check. I check. I check. I check. It has always been a part of my day. “What are you looking at?” They ask. “Uh, nothing.” I respond. They won’t understand. It’s too much to try to explain. Will people think I’m crazy when I say I just have an urge to check? Will theyContinue reading “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”

Mental Health – Where to Begin

I have met a lot of people who want to take care of their mental health, but aren’t sure where to start. Unfortunately, it’s not something we learn about in school. Even in my AP psychology we didn’t learn how to care for ourselves. We learned about different “disorders,” but never learned how to helpContinue reading “Mental Health – Where to Begin”

Lost Childhood

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to take away from anyone or put anyone in a bad light.. People experience different traumas that affect them all differently. But this is my life and my truth and I share because it helps me and I hope it can help others. You know the episode of ModernContinue reading “Lost Childhood”

Coming off Antidepressants Week 2-3

In my last blog I talked about my decision to come off antidepressants for the first time in 2 years. I also discussed how it immediately affected me. In week 2 and 3 I expected some different reactions. I figured my body would start adjusting to the new normal for me, but I also figuredContinue reading “Coming off Antidepressants Week 2-3”

Spread a Little Joy

It’s times like these where we see how fantastic people can be and also how horrible people can be. It’s important that we focus on how fantastic people can be. When you allow negativity to take over your emotions, you put out negativity. I know it doesn’t feel good and it’s not fun to beContinue reading “Spread a Little Joy”

Vision Boards

I’ve done a few vision boards. The first one I have ever done was purely fitness and it wasn’t effective. It was actually just defeating that I didn’t look like any of those fit girls. Some days it motivated me but most days I didn’t look at it because it wasn’t effective, as I saidContinue reading “Vision Boards”