April Goals

“April showers bring May flowers”

We’re in a time of uncertainty. How we choose to use this time will have an affect on who we are when we come out of quarantine. This is not an easy time for anyone.

But I’m not here to tell you what you already know about what’s going on. I’m telling you how I’m going to get through this month of quarantine and hopefully inspire you to come up with some goals for this month!

This month, along with May and June, I’m following the Next 90 Challenge. The Next 90 Days is a challenge hosted by Rachel Hollis and her team. It’s completely free. The challenge offers a class each week taught by Rachel Hollis and along with the class everyone is supposed to follow the 5 to Thrive as best as they can. (I’ll link a sign up at the bottom).

This challenge inspired me to follow her Start Today Journal. I didn’t want to spend the money on one so I started following her video tutorials (which will also be linked at the bottom). Let me tell you, I am so inspired and motivated by these journal tutorials.

My goals that are inspired by Rachel Hollis are to:

  1. Follow the Next 90 Day Challenge
  2. Journal for at LEAST 15 minutes DAILY

Those are not my only April goals. Those are simply just goals that were inspired by her. I have more goals of course!

This month, I could EASILY sit around and do nothing productive. Which is exactly what I did for my first full week of quarantine! Don’t get me wrong, it was actually nice. I watched a ton of movies with my dad, rode my bike a lot, and walked my dogs. I also managed to hurt my back and I’m still waiting for that to heal before I get back into my more intense workouts.

It’s important to point out that if you accomplish nothing during this quarantine, but staying sane, and maybe not even that, then that’s okay. Not everyone is going to write a book or come out super in shape or anything else that you can think of. What’s really important is that during this time we take care of ourselves. We need to look after our mental health more than ever. Being inside without a lot of social interaction, even for someone like me who loves being home and is pretty introverted, or being stuck with family for this long, or being out of work, or even still working, can take a toll on us. This is not a time to beat ourselves up.

Now, with that said, here are my goals for April:

  1. Get homework done before Sunday every week
  2. Pretty up the blog with pretty and new pictures
  3. Check out online photography classes
  4. Within the first hour of being awake I want to meditate, drink coffee, and journal every day of April. I want this to be that start of me creating a beneficial morning routine.
  5. Create a nightly routine.
  6. Have one self-care evening once a week every week of April.
  7. Read two books at least! I have so many books, the one I’m currently working on requires journaling throughout the day which I constantly forget to do so I’ve been super behind on reading. I want to make a dent in my book shelf.
  8. Watch less TV. I can definitely get sucked into the TV pretty easily. I like having sound while I’m home, but there are so many times where I should be doing something and instead I get sucked into whatever show is on.
  9. Limit phone time. I procrastinate with my phone big time. I want to pick up a book or make a bracelet when I find myself reaching for my phone.

That’s all the goals I have set for April. To be honest, it’s a lot, but if I can accomplish one, I’ll be happy!

I hope you are inspired and create a goal for yourself during this quarantine.




Journaling Tutorials:


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