2020 Resolutions

The journals I use to track my progress!

While not everyone is into resolutions, we can all be into growth and improvement. It just so happens that I felt inspired to make a change within myself around the same time that everyone started making resolutions. I was inspired by a recent job interview I had to start getting myself healthy again. The job interview was for a gym where I would have to participate in classes and I wanted to prove to them that I was the right person for the job. I also recently noticed how weak I have become and I didn’t like it. I have also been wanting to really discover what I wanted to do with my degree that I’m currently working on and one morning I woke up inspired. I suddenly remembered all the things I wanted to accomplish before I got distracted by working full-time and going to school full-time. Without having Christmas to focus my energy on, I had a new fire lit inside of me. So let me jump in and share some of my goals with you! I have three categories: health, career, and personal. I hope you’ll be inspired to set some of your own, or maybe I can give you some ideas!


Be consistent with workouts:

I am the worst at being consistent. When I first got into exercising I was very consistent but I also did home workouts only. It was once I joined a gym that I was no longer consistent. It’s the fact that I have to leave my house, go into a sometimes crowded gym, and my current gym is 20-25 minutes away. I don’t like the drive and I definitely don’t like being in a crowded gym. My first gym was much closer but it would get creepy with how empty it could get and the area it was in. My second gym is an amazing place but it’s way too crowded for me.

I am always hard on myself with how much I allow myself to slack. Recently I have been doing home workouts again and then if my friends are available we’ll go to the gym together. I tried to go alone but I got immense anxiety which I will address in another post. There is nothing wrong with home workouts. At some point I convinced myself that they weren’t good enough, but they make me SORE and they ARE good enough. As long as I’m challenging myself and moving my body, that’s all that matters. Since I have been doing home workouts again, I have felt fantastic. I feel so proud of myself and it doesn’t give me anxiety which is always a plus.

Run a 5K:

There was a time where I loved running but I would never push myself. I just went for short runs, but I felt good and that was and still is enough for me. But, after I did a year of lacrosse in high school I hated running. My coach would make us run with shin splints and I just ran to the point where it wasn’t fun anymore. This past year I got into running again and I realized just how far I can run even though I haven’t done it in years. I may not be fast, but that doesn’t bother me. I just want to be able to say I ran a 5K and maybe after that I’ll shoot for more but only if it’s fun for me.

Set Intentions:

I recently listened to a Podcast called Ten Percent Happier and the episode I listened to was “#219: Making and Breaking Habits, Sanely.” I listened to them talk about setting intentions every morning. It sounded like it made such a difference for them and I wanted to make an effort into setting intentions and reading a mantra every morning when I first wake up. If it helps me with keeping a positive mind and help me grow as a person, then I’m all for it!

Meditation and Yoga:

I’m almost positive I put these on my resolution list last year. I pay for the app Shine, which I love but I rarely use it. It can be as quick as a five minute meditation so I honestly have no excuse. I have never heard a bad thing about meditation, and as I said before, if it helps me center myself and grow as a person, I’m willing to try it. As for yoga, it has many amazing benefits. I’m starting this thing for myself where Saturdays are my yoga days because the workout program I follow has Saturday as the rest day. I really want to understand yoga but I also want to do fun handstands.


Get a Personal Training Certificate:

I have been considering doing this for a while. I think a big thing that stopped me is that I’m not sure it’s what my passion is but also I have a feeling it’ll be challenging for me to understand. The reason I want to do this is because I want to understand why some programs seem to work so well and understand how my body responds and why it responds to various foods and exercises. Also, this could be a possible form of income and it could be something I become very passionate about. I had a high school teacher tell us to get different certificates that way we have more than one skill to fall back on.

Get Real Estate License:

I have been wanting to do this for a while now. Real estate can be an awesome side gig and turn into a full-time job. But like I said before, it could be something that I might actually be passionate about but I won’t know until I try it. I know a few people who do real estate as a side gig for extra cash, but I also know people who do it full-time because they enjoy it and they make good money. I’m just doing it because it sounds intriguing to me and I think it could lead to more!

Blog Consistently:

When I started this blog my goal was to blog consistently but I didn’t know what I wanted my theme to be. I tend to think of my best ideas when I’m driving or in the shower and by the time I get home I’m just not in that motivated frame of mind and I don’t remember exactly what the thought was even if I make a small note. My boyfriend’s mom got me a creative journal to help inspire me and I love it. Also, I really started to think about what I would want to read and what other people seem to like to read. If it speaks to me, I’m willing to write about it! So my goal is to post twice a week every week! I really enjoy blogging so I think it’s time I stop being so hard on myself about my ideas!


Cook More:

I’ve been trying to maintain a vegan lifestyle for a while now but I don’t enjoy cooking. So I tend to eat unhealthy or just give in and eat meat. I have a few reasons I went vegan, so I want to stick with it. I always say I hate cooking, but I actually enjoy meal prepping. I just don’t enjoy cooking when I’m already hungry. I’m also a messy cook. This year, my household decided to eat out less and cook more, so I said I would help prep meals for all of us and I’m sticking to it! It will save us a lot of money, and we’ll waste less food. I am hoping I can come to love cooking by learning new recipes.


In order to figure out where we want to live, my boyfriend and I are planning to travel to different places. This will expose us to different opportunities and it’ll be fun to see different places and eat at different restaurants. I think this is something we have always wanted to do but this year we officially decided on traveling and we decided on the first place we will go. It gives us something to save for and look forward to.

Those are my resolutions. There are a lot of them, I know, but they excite me! A big reason I was so inspired this year is because there was something that bothered me about last year. What really bothered me was when I would see discussions in a Facebook group that I’m in asking to reflect on 2019 and what we accomplished. I truly felt that I was the same person leaving 2019 as I was going into 2019. Yes, I got a promotion and that was a big accomplishment but I didn’t feel like I had any personal growth and that made me sad.

I’m excited to push myself this year and I hope you are, too! If you have any questions or thoughts please leave a comment! I always appreciate the support and I hope to talk to you again on Monday! Have a safe and fun weekend!


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