Striving for More

I had a off week the other week. I made no blog posts until the end of the week and it was about meditation. I felt like it was lousy, even though I do love meditation, I just wasn’t inspired.

That week I felt sad, mad, and nothing at the same time. It can be defeating. I had and still have no idea why I felt that way, but that’s fine.

One day I woke up and I felt better, sometimes I have to push myself to feel better. Some weeks will be hard and that’s expected.

I’m thankful for that off week because I came back better than ever. Sometimes we grow when we least expect it. I’ve been improving immensely but I feel like I have finally found my flow with work and school. Finally finding that flow inspired me to start volunteering.

I always thought volunteering would be boring, but that’s because in school, volunteering is selling tickets or standing in the freezing cold. I understand that it has a meaning and a purpose, but I didn’t want to be miserable doing it.

I finally decided to push myself even further, work, school, and volunteering and I’m so excited for what’s to come. I volunteered to work with dogs and hospice.

I’m so excited for this new journey to happen. Maybe it’s because I’m struggling with money that I wanted to do things that reminded me of what really matters in life, which isn’t money. I can make an impact without money. I can do great things without money. Knowing that is a very relieving feeling.

I want you to see if you can take your schedule a step further. Are you satisfied with life? Or Are you overwhelmed? Or maybe bored?

When we’re overwhelmed, we need to re-evaluate. What needs to be done, what will have a direct impact, what is minor and what is major.

When we’re bored or unsatisfied we should force ourself into new adventures. Maybe it’s painting with a twist, or maybe it’s volunteering. It could be taking walks in the park or perhaps it’s time to find new music. When I can’t find new music I start to feel bored. I feel like music is my temporary escape from stress.

Of course, with the holidays coming things become more stressful. At the same time the holidays make me so excited. I think that might be why I seem to decline in January. We have all this build-up for the holidays and then we have months of nothing.

While this lingers on my mind, I’m trying to find a way to keep this excitement within me. I hope that volunteering and making new connections and strengthening ones I have already made will help 2019 come with a smooth transition.

If you feel like you’re in a rut, do some research! Look up some volunteering opportunities, new job opportunities, crafts, maybe selling on Poshmark, or rearranging your room!

I’m sure I’ll have another week where I’m in a rut but we cannot let that determine who we are and how we will feel the week after. Sometimes we can’t help it, but we can grow from our hard times.

I’m very excited for these new adventures! I hope you can find some, too.

I’ll keep you updated!

Good luck,


Published by Elliana

I feel passionate about every thing I post. Mental health, puppies, the earth, and businesses with morals! I hope to be as real and open as I can be with you. My main goal is to spread positive vibes!

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