Stress Handling Tips

I’m almost always stressed. It’s just me. To a point, I thrive on it. But like anyone else, it can wear us down and get exhausting.

I’m trying to tackle it. Every week I promise to get more organized or work harder on my homework, but I eventually lose motivation.

To add on to it, this week I’ve had a cold and it has been tiring and giving me a headache.  Also, I have had the worst time trying to sleep. I go through periods of no sleep and then great sleep.

I decided to focus on one big thing this week. Meditation.

I do it before I sleep. It actually helps a ton. It calms me down and I fall asleep right away before the 5 minutes is even done. I also really want to practice it mid-day.

I use an app I’m sure you’ve heard of. It’s Headspace. People love meditation, so if you struggle relaxing like I do, I definitely suggest it!

I know this blog is pretty short, but my emotions have been everywhere.

I’ve been anxious, angry, and full of happiness.

I wanted to check in, let you guys know that I’m still here. I’m still ready to share my thoughts and feelings. But this week I’ve been a little all over the place. I’ve attempted to type a blog multiple times and I just didn’t like the way they were coming out.

But honestly, meditation is something I trying to do more often and I hope you guys can try it too and give me feedback!

I hope to be back with something way better on Saturday!

Much love,


Published by Elliana

I feel passionate about every thing I post. Mental health, puppies, the earth, and businesses with morals! I hope to be as real and open as I can be with you. My main goal is to spread positive vibes!

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