Adopting Our Puppy

In June, Soren and I moved in together. But before that he was wanting a puppy. I didn’t because I already had two dogs. So, in May we got two ferrets, but sadly about a month later mine passed. So when we moved in together we couldn’t help but look for a dog to adopt. Soren really wanted a puppy, and after seeing them so did I. The agreement with my Dad was that we could get a puppy if Soren went back to school. So, he did. On June 27th we were looking on Fur-ever Paws and we were deciding which ones we wanted. I didn’t have a preference, they’re all perfect. However, Soren wanted a bigger dog, but I don’t think he really cared. So we kind of just chose one and applied and decided to stick to the same foster family. So we applied to a couple more pups from that family. Within ten minutes we got an email back. We applied for one dog who was already adopted, but we also applied for this adorable tan puppy named Kit. He looked tiny, I was in love. So we called and set an appointment for the next day.

Thursday, the 28th came and we were SO excited. We were actually getting a puppy. I thought he would be bigger than the picture because I thought maybe the picture was a few weeks old but that was fine with me. When we got there, the couple welcomed us in and we saw Kit and his brother in the kitchen. They were so tiny. His brother came over to me but Kit was super shy. Kit was also significantly smaller than his brother and a little too skinny. The couple just got him from a kill shelter in Alabama a few days prior. When he finally got close enough, Soren picked him up and laid Kit on his lap and Kit was taking all the pets and loves. Soren was also in love.

I hate picking between puppies but I tend to pick the one that looks like maybe it’s struggling. I wanted Soren to pick because he wanted the puppy for so long. He picked Kit and so we signed papers, paid money, and left with a tiny puppy in our arms already consuming our hearts. But he wasn’t a Kit, so we named him Baxter.

Baxter quickly came out of his shell. He became this feisty little rascal. He had two older brothers: a cockapoo and a boxer. Baxter was said to be a lab mix, but we think he’s a yellow lab and hound mix. He had big ears and a throaty bark/howl. He still has a hound bark and howl, but he grew into his ears. Now one is floppy and the other is halfway.

Baxter and I spent nearly every day together over the summer. Soren worked and I took the summer off. Baxter quickly became our baby. He would follow me everywhere. I’d lay on the floor with him and we would train him outside most nights. I didn’t want him to get into trouble so I would bring him to the bathroom so I could shower. He would whine but now he just follows us in. It’s so sweet, wherever I walk he’s right behind me.

Baxter is six months old and about 25 pounds. He should be about 40 pounds when he’s fully grown. He still has to be in his crate when we leave but he started sleeping in our bed in August and then he finally got big enough to jump onto the bed last month.

He used to be scared of steps and now he flies right down. Men make him very protective, but he loves females. He still barks at our neighbors, hair standing, until he gets used to them. But the next day he’ll do it all over again. He can now keep up with our boxer and I can no longer out run him. He loves to shove his nose under the blanket and flip it over his head.

Baxter is our baby. He’s got the most precious eyes and soft fur. He’s not too big on cuddling but he loves to give and receive kisses. He’s our only dog with a tail and that’s usually how I spot him. His tail curls up and it hits everything. I love it.

He still tears some things up and doesn’t always listen when we’re outside, but he fills our hearts. In fact, all three of our dogs do. But I think since I had the other two since a young age, I was so used to their habits. When we added a puppy, our boxer was suddenly a big brother, not the little brother anymore. So the dynamics changed and I didn’t know I could love my dogs anymore but seeing them be so gentle and caring with their new little brother still melts my heart. Baxter will bite Jaxson’s foot and Jax is still so gentle with him.

The point of this blog is how beautiful adopting a pet can be. I work with dogs now and they’re all so perfect. I can’t imagine Baxter not being rescued. I can’t imagine him being stuck in Alabama, or with another family, or just not greeting me when I’m home. All my dogs get excited but Baxter has taken to me, maybe because I’m the only female in this house but when I come home and see him we both get so excited.

We didn’t know what type of dog we would be. All dogs have particular personalities but that’s why I love them. They’re these furry and adorable beings with four legs and they love us unconditionally. My oldest dog has always been super sassy but my younger two are goofballs.

I get so excited to adopt our next pet because I want to give a home to a dog or cat who is wondering if they’ll ever be loved. I want to bring out the greatness in our next pet.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt Baxter.

You can donate in little ways like Amazon Smiles or if you’re looking into getting a pet, check out all of the amazing animals that are up for adoption.

Much love,


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